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The Largest Street Festival in Corpus Christi – Dia De Los Muertos



Dia de los muertos is a celebration that has surrounded the Mexican culture for centuries. While its literal translation is “Day of the Dead,” the celebration is quite the opposite of that. The fesitivities focus on the gathering of family and friends who come together to celebrate  and honor those who have passed.

K Space Contemporary, Electra Art * Axis Tattoo, in partnership with House of Rock and Produce have brought the rich cultural celebration that is Dia de los Muertos Street Festival to the Corpus Christi community.

Designed to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Mexico and South Texas, the Dia de los Muertos Street Festival promotes and unites the community while attracting residents and tourists to the city’s downtown area.

The Dia de los Muertos Street Festival has become extremely popular in a short amount of time. Attendance has increased from 600 in 2008 to an estimated 50,000 in 2014. Festival guests include families, residents, and tourists to the coastal bend of all ages and ethnicities.

The Dia de los Muertos Street Festival and its associated events are entertaining and educational. The event provides cultural programming such as Mexican Folk Art workshops, a K-12 piñata contest called Extravagancia de Piñatas, a thematic fine art exhibition, an altar display and traditional performances in dance and music.

A broad spectrum of the Corpus Christi community is involved in this major event. Participants include children as young as 3 and vendors over 70 years old. Over 450 students under 18 are involved in the parade, Extravagancia de Piñatas, Altar Display, and an array of amazing performances. Approximately 200 college students exhibit, present art demonstrations, and provide production support on the stages.

This family friendly event is surrounded by four stages influenced by the Latino & Mexican cultures.

If you’re not sure what to expect from this festival, here’s a few hints. The Main Stage will be taken over by a Pop & Rock bands with a Latin fusion. La Cultura Stage will take you back to the roots with Mexican Traditional Dance & Music. There will also be a Funky Rockin’ Soul Stage to support our Up and Coming Texas Bands and teh Crush Dance Stage taken over by Local Dance Talent.

This event will also have an Echo a Mano (Made by Hand) Arts & Crafts Expo, Kid’s Corner – crafts, face painting, games and activities, Dia de los Muertos Workshops, Extravagania de Piñatas (K-12 Contest & Exhibition), Mosaicos Mexicanos Fine Art Exhibition, El Camino Iluminado: Altars of Remembrance, Iron Sculpture Demonstration, food, and much more!

The festival, will be located in in downtown Corpus Christi on Chaparral, Starr, Peoples, Mesquite, and Taylor Street. For more information  on Dia de los Muertos Festival visit

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